I go to Mikveh every morning including Shabbos. Am I allowed to go also this week as it falls on Tisha B’Av?

If you go to Mikveh every Shabbos morning then it is permitted as long as you do so in a cold Mikveh.

Is one allowed to learn Torah after Chatzos this Shabbos afternoon?

Most opinions allow regular learning after Chatzos especially if otherwise you would not use your time productively. It is praiseworthy to learn topics which can be learnt on Tisha B’Av itself but if you prefer to keep to your regular learning schedule, that is permitted.

Is there a Seuda HaMafsekes this year?


Can I eat my Seuda Shelishis up until Nacht?

No. You must stop eating and drinking by Shkiyah (sunset).

May I eat meat during Seuda Shelishis this week?

Yes, until Shkiyah when all consumption is forbidden.

Does Birchas Hamozon for Seuda Shelishis need to be said before Shkiyah as well.

One may recite Birchas Hamozon after Shkiyah, however Mayim Acharonim should be done before Shkiyah if possible.

Which brochos of Havdoloh do I make on Motzei Shabbos this week?

On Motzei Shabbos only the brocha of “Borei Meorei HaAish” is recited on two candles. Many do this in Shul before reading Eicha. The rest of Havdoloh is omitted on Motzei Shabbos. On Sunday night after the fast, recite “HaGofen” on a cup of wine as well as the brocha of “Hamavdil”.

Is a woman obligated to recite the brocha of Meorei HaAish?

Yes. If possible, she should hear it from a man, but if not she may recite the brocha herself.

If I miss the Brocha on the candle in Shul what should I do?

Recite it later that evening.

If I am not fasting on Tisha B’Av, how should I make Havdoloh?

The introductory verses of Havdoloh are not recited. A brocha should be made on a cup of either beer, coffee or tea. If this is not possible a brocha can be recited on grape juice which is given to a child under the age of six. If even this is not possible the grape juice may be drunk by the adult making Havdoloh at the end of the recital. If you are making Havdoloh on Motzei Shabbos “Borei Meorei HaAish” is recited on two candles. If Havdoloh is made during the day then “Borei Meorei HaAish” is not said as it can only be recited on Motzei Shabbos. The brocha of Hamavdil is then recited and then the cup is drunk.

My Rov told me that I don’t need to fast this year and can eat when I feel I need to. Should I make Havdoloh straight away on Motzei Shabbos or only before I eat?

You should wait until you need to eat before making Havdoloh.

May I do laundry straight after the fast goes out or do I need to wait until Chatzos of the next day?

This year, laundry is permitted immediately after the fast is out.

Seeing as this year Tisha B’Av is nidche, is one allowed to eat meat and drink wine in the night after the fast goes out.

No, meat and wine is only permitted from Monday morning.


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