Thrip cloths – Bedikas toiloim equipment

This super-fine mesh cloth acts as a filter to pick out the smallest of particles for inspection. Once the cloth is laid out on a brightly lit white surface, you can undertake a full bedika of the water you have used to soak the vegetables.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide kehilla services and meet halachic household  needs, the Federation are selling these niche items. Previously unavailable in the UK.

Quick guide – How to check?

This has been dealt with at length in HaMaor Pesach 2020. Click here to find the article.

Below a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Wash the vegetable in lukewarm soapy water to remove any foreign items or infestation which may be stuck to the veg. The wash should be involve significant agitation to allow the soapy water to carry away any unwanted material.

Step 2

Rinse to remove the soap – plenty of cold running water – using a strainer can be helpful.

Step 3

Soak again – this time in cold water. The aim is to allow the water to pick up any foreign matter remaining on the leaves. Agitate well. Remove the herbs/leaves from the bucket and place in a bowl/bag (these will be ready for use once you have checked the water, you  may need to rinse them again). Leave the water in the bucket.

Step 4

Pour the water from the bucket through the thrip cloth. Thrip cloth should be set up in a large strainer to allow water to pass through and be filtered.

Step 5

Check the thrip cloth against the white background of a light board.

Using a magnifying glass or good sight, confirm that any suspect material is just dirt. If unsure you may choose to wash again.

If found to be infested – discard the produce.


Equipment needed
  • Thrip cloth – available from KF – fill in our online form here
  • Big strainer
  • Bucket or big bowl for soaking the herbs – allow plenty of space for water and veg
  • Light board – available here
  • Magnifying glass – available here
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