1. Due to the lock down, TevILas Keylim mikva is no longer possible; how can I make use of the new dishes I have bought without toiveling them?

The mitzva to toivel (dip) new vessels in the mikva dictates that utensils may not be used unless this step has been undertaken.
As Tevila in keylim mikva or even a sea or lake is currently not possible, the items should be gifted to a non-Jew to remove the obligation to toivel them. Note: This lenient ruling should be used in the most limited way possible as it is questioned by early halachic authorities.

During more normal times, when this advice is dispensed, Rabbonim advise that one ask the non-Jew to lift the items and explain that they are now his/hers and you will be borrowing them. However, in the current climate, this too is not feasible. We therefore advise the following:

  1. Ask a non Jew to make a small monetary payment of some 50p to purchase the item(s).
  2. Explain that the items will become theirs and that you will be borrowing the item(s) from them
  3. Money can be sent via bank transfer
  4. You can send money to the non-Jew in advance so that they are not out of pocket
  5. When, b’ezer Hashem in the future, access to a Mikva or lake becomes possible, you should toivel the items without a brocho. The items should be cleaned before tevilla.

The Federation Beis Din have arranged for a daily sale. You need to fill in a form (similar to that of Mechiras Chometz) and we will arrange for your items to be sold. Click here to arrange for your items to be sold.


3. Can one toivel keylim in a lake?

Normally, one should only toivel dishes in a keylim mikva or in the sea, a natural lake or a river.

In cases where this is not possible, a man-made lake may be used under the following conditions:

  1. The lake is primarily filled with rainwater (you should check whether the pond or lake is filled with piped water – if so it cannot be used).
  2. The lake does not have an outflow (this would mean that it is possul – invalid for tevilla).


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