1. How does this product work?

The devices in this range of products has two heating elements – a high power heating element for boiling the water and a low power heating element to maintain temperature.  

When the water is cold, the urn’s thermostat instructs both heating elements to operate and the red light will display. Once the water has reached boiling point, the main heating element is switched off. At this point, the green light is illuminated. The low power heating element will continue to operate and maintain the temperature of the water.  

Every few hours, when the water’s temperature drops significantly, the main heating element and red light will be reactivated. 

2. Can water be removed from this urn on Shabbos? 

According to most Poskim, water may be removed from this urn on Shabbos . However due to the fact that this device IS thermostatically controlled and WILL operate the heating elements on Shabbos, it is not viewed as the ideal product to purchase for Shabbos use.  

3. Can water be removed from this urn on Yom tov? 

Water may be removed from this urn on Yom Tov without concern. 

4. Can cold water be added on Yom Tov? 

Under normal conditions, cold water may not be added to this urn on Yom Tov. The introduction of a large amount of cold water will trigger the urn’s heating cycle and is forbidden on Yom Tov. There are a number of methods which would permit adding water on Yom Tov 

  1. Boil up water on the stove top and add the heated water to the urn 
  1. Set a time switch before Yom Tov for a convenient time on Yom tov when you would like to add cold water. During this chosen period, the timer should be set to the urn OFF. During the off period, water can be added to the urn. When the timer turns the urn back on, the water will be heated.  


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