1. How does this product work? 

This device is designed to maintain the desired temperature for mulled wine. It is controlled by a thermostat. It uses a heating element to heat the water when the device detects that the temperature of the water has dropped. The heating element turns off when the temperature of the water is satisfactory.  

Turning the dial changes the setting on the thermostat – and can be used to control the heat of the water.  

When the red light displays, the heating element is on. When the green light displays, the heating element is off. 

2. Can water be removed from this urn on Shabbos? 

If the product were simmerstat controlled, it would be permitted to remove hot water from it on Shabbos use without any concern at all.  

The general halachic consensus is that one may remove hot water from this urn on Shabbos. 

Due to the thermostatic control, some authorities are stringent with regards its use on Shabbos. This is because removing hot water will speed up the onset of the next heating cycle. For those who are stringent on this matter there is room to mitigate this issue by removing water when the red light shows. This will occur more frequently if the thermostat is set to high. 

3. Can water be removed from this urn on Yom tov? 

Water may be removed from this urn on Yom Tov without concern. 

4. Can water be added to this urn on Yom Tov? 

It is permitted to add cold water to this urn on Yom Tov. One should avoid adding large amounts of hot water in one go. Add smaller amounts at a time of up to ½ litre. 

5. Can the temperature setting be changed on Yom Tov? 

When the urn is heating (ie the red light shows), one may turn up the temperature to a higher setting. One may not turn it down. 

When the urn is not heating (the red light is not showing), one may turn down the temperature setting. One may not turn it up. 

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