We are privileged to be led and guided by some of Orthodox Jewry’s most learned, dynamic and internationally-recognised Rabbonim and Dayonim. As Rov of the Federation and Av Beis Din, Rav Zimmerman sets the standard of our halachic authority and guides the organisation to ensure that we uphold the very highest standards of halacha. Previously the Rov of Gateshead, he is well known as the ‘Rabbi’s Rabbi’, giving guidance to communal leaders across the world.

Beis Din

Rabbi S F ZimmermanFederation Rov & Av Beis Din

Dayan Yehoshua PosenDirector of Beis Din Operations

Rabbi Alan LewisCommunity Rabbi, Beis Din Registrar

Rabbi Binyomin MarksBeis Din Registrar, Office of the Rov, FedTech


Rabbi Yisroel Moshe GuttentagDirector of Certification - KF Kosher & Fed Tech, Community Rabbi

Rabbi Simcha HirschProduct Certification Manager

Rabbi Yaacov BenzaquenRabbinic Coordinator - KF Kosher & FedTech



Rabbi Lawrence LittlestoneHead of Burial Society

Noson KahlerAdministrator

Head Office Staff

Jeya ThavaChief Accountant

Anna MilebergHuman Resources & Communities Manager

Avi CohenProperty & Projects Manager

Nina LeblancOperations Director

David NeifeldCommunications & Projects Manager

Toby HillAccounts Assistant and Kashrus Factory Coordinator

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