A Glossary of Shemitta terminology

  • Biur – The mitzvah of removing certain produce from one’s house. 
  • Heter Mechira – The sale of land to a non-Jew to avoid the halachic issues of Shemitta. 
  • Kedushas Shevi’is – Sanctity of Shemitta produce.  
  • Oitzar Beis Din– Beis Din storage which provides  Shemitta produce to the public in an efficient and halachically authorised manner. 
  • Pruzbul – A document written to avoid the annulment of debts. 
  • Sefichin –Vegetables grown wild by themselves or through forbidden planting. 
  • Shemittas Kesofim– The automatic annulment of debts due to the Shemitta year. 
  • Yevul Chutz La’Aretz – Produce grown outside Eretz Yisroel. 
  • Yevul Nochri– Produce grown on non-Jewish owned land. 
  • Yevul Shishis – Produce grown during the sixth year of the Shemitta cycle. 
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