Click here to purchase a thrip cloth to use for bedikas tolaim.

For further recommendations on how to perform the Federation Beis din recommended thripcloth-bedika for your vegetables, please click here.

Madesafer Hotplate

FedTech’s recommended hotplate is a must-buy. It’s the safest on the market and purpose-designed for your UK kosher kitchen. Click here to purchase.


Indicator Light Project

NOW AVAILABLE Ask your electrician to install our new device into your oven’s power supply. When the red light glows brightly, the oven is safe to open on Shabbos! For more information on this project and for details of how to arrange an installation, read our informative article here.


Induction Hob Converter Disc

Induction Hob Converter Disc – please click here for an example of an induction hob converter disc which can be used to allow cooking on a clean non-kosher induction hob.


Induction Hob Converter cover


Induction Hob Converter Cover – please click here for a cover for an entire induction hob which can be used to allow cooking on a clean non-kosher induction hob.



Goldhar’s hot water urn is now licensed by FedTech’s for us on Shabbos and Yom Tov leMehadrin. Click here for a list of outlets across the UK.


Super Strong Magnets

Neodymium Magnets – Please click here to order magnets strong enough to trick your fridge into thinking it is always closed and avoid problems with lights etc. on Shabbos.

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