Parshas Haazinu

Responding to the need, FedTech have undertaken research into some of the appliances commonly available here in the UK. This week, we launch a new series of articles which will shed some light on how Shabbos kettles work and the halachic principles which underpin their use.

Parshas Vayelech- Shabbos Shuvoh

The earlier part of this verse mentions many evils and troubles - ומצאהו רעות רבות וצרות . However later in the same sentence the Torah refers only to these evils - .מצאוני הרעות So why does the second part of the possuk only refer to these evils - הרעות - and not to the many evils and troubles - ? רעות רבות וצרות

Hamaor Rosh Hashanah 5779

The theme of resilience is one that is repeated throughout this Rosh Hashanah edition of Hamaor. In Rabbi Gershon Miller’s thoughtful op-ed, he speaks of the terrible consequences of a lack of resilience in today’s young people.

Rabbi, I have a problem… so, text me! – Article Jewish Chronicle

I have a question: in this hot weather, there have been far more insects around. And when I took some chicken out of the oven, I found a dead fly in the dish. I want to know where that leaves the status of the dish. From a kashrut perspective, can I take out the fly and eat the chicken, or is the whole dish now off-limits?

Parshas Eikev

הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים – All is in the hands of Heaven, except for the fear of Heaven This famous principle, articulated by R Chanina in the gemara, is based on the passuk in this week’s parsha, where Moshe relays the plea from Hashem to the people – “All I ask from you is to fear me”
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