Kehillas Netzach Yisroel, Edgware have celebrated the inauguration of Rabbi Reuven Stepsky. The Federation community were honoured by the presence of its Rov and Av Beis Din, Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman and Rosh Beis Din, Dayan YY Lichtenstein. Also present was Rabbi Stepsky’s Rov and mentor of the past 30 years, Rabbi Yaacov Abenson, Mashgiach Ruchani of Sunderland Yeshiva, and all the local Rabbonim.
The evening, chaired throughout by Federation Trustee, Geoffrey Douek, started with an introduction about the community by the Shul chairman Mr Simon Carr who outlined the Shul’s history, including its founding over 20 years ago by Rabbi Yisroel Roll of Seed and thanked in particular, the kehilla’s most recent Rov, Rabbi Dovid Roberts, who served for 18 years. He remarked that the community has already formed a close bond with the Stepskys in the six months since they took up the position, a function of the care and hospitality they have shown the kehilla’s members.
The Shul was packed with members, Edgware locals and admirers of Netzach’s new Rov and Rebbetzen from further afield, all of whom had come to share in the simcha of the inauguration.
After the kehilla’s recital of Tehillim, Rabbi Yaacov Abenson, who had also been the shadchan of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Stepsky, noted that when a Shul chooses a new Rabbi, that is also a shidduch and from what he has heard and now seen, he believes the Shul’s appointment of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Stepsky is a perfect shidduch. The Shtar Rabbonus was read in Hebrew by Dayan Lichtenstein, in English by Rabbi David Lister and presented to Rabbi Stepsky by Mr Stephen Ufland, one of the longest serving members of the Shul. Rav Zimmerman’s keynote address to the Kehilla and their new Rov focused on the importance of choosing good neighbours and being involved in a vibrant community with a Rov who is dedicated to taking it forward. He extolled the virtues of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Stepsky, especially the care and attention taken to share their load.
Edgware’s senior Rov, Rabbi Eliezer Schneebalg followed with his Divrei Brocho and Misheberach and Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta recited a Misheberach to the Kehilla.
The community was delighted that Rabbi Stepsky’s father, Mr Joe Stepsky was able to make the journey from Israel and prior to Rabbi Stepsky’s address to the kehilla, he was poignantly and emotionally bensched by his father and then presented with a new tallis by long standing member, Mr Jonny Phillips.
The Rov began with a Birchas Shehecheyonu on the tallis and the new position and thanked his Rebbes, family, friends and the community for all the support he has received. A special thank you was made to Rebbetzin Stepsky for all the support she has given him, without which, he would not have been able to serve the Klal and together with her he looks forward to serving Kehillas Netzach Yisroel.
The ambience of the evening was enhanced by interludes of light music provided by Mr Danny Shine of the Neshama band.
The inauguration concluded with a celebratory l’chaim excellently prepared by Mrs Adele Aremband and the event’s success was due to the hard work of Mrs Nicole Levitus, Mr Jonny Phillips and Mrs Francine Wunsh.

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