Newly-appointed Federation Rov and Av
Beis Din, Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, is
already making his mark. Upon arrival this
week in London, he has immediately embarked
on a busy schedule of activities which reflect
his commitment to working closely with the
kehilloh on a personal level. Rav Zimmerman
began by visiting new projects and meeting
kehilloh members and leaders alike.
The Rav’s first stop was in Edgware,
where the Federation has commenced the
development of its new cemetery – the
first strictly Orthodox cemetery located
within the heart of North West London.
The Edgwarebury Lane site will also be the
Federation’s first new cemetery in over
eighty years, adding to its current grounds
in Edmonton and Rainham. The project has
been spearheaded by Federation Trustee,
Mr Menachem Gertner, who has driven
the ambitious programme of planning and
Since the purchase of the land in late
2014, the Federation has overcome significant
hurdles to get to this point. The site, as
acquired, had permission for a multi-faith
woodlands cemetery which was not conducive
to the requirements of the kehilloh. Changes
to that permission to allow for standardsized
Jewish headstones as well as a purpose
built Ohel and Tahara facility have now been
The landscape and burial layout has been
designed to incorporate a state of the art
drainage system to allow for rainwater run-off
and minimise water retention, with all burial
plots directed to face towards Yerusholayim.
The Tahara building will include facilities to
conduct taharos according to the minhagim
of various kehillos and chevra kadisha groups,
including a purpose-built mikvah. A separate
building will include an aron building workshop
to allow Kohanim to participate somewhat in
this Chessed Shel Emess.
Construction began earlier this year and is
expected to be completed in a year’s time,
with the first burials to take place in spring
Accompanied by Dayan Yehonoson Hool
and Dayan Yehoshua Posen, the Rav donned
a hard hat to tour the site, speak to
contractors, peruse the plans and discuss
upcoming phases of work with the trustees
and senior staff. The Rav remarked, “I
was delighted to learn more about the big
steps being taken to advance the needs
of our community and to hear that many
kehillos not yet affiliated with the Federation
have expressed interest in this new, strictly
Orthodox cemetery. I’m tremendously
excited for the opportunity to lead such a
prominent and dynamic kehilloh organisation.”
The cemetery is just one of several
upcoming projects of the Federation Burial
Society to better serve the needs of local
kehilllos. Another offering soon to be
launched is the option for burial in Eretz
Yisroel in a recently purchased section of
the Eretz HaChaim cemetery near to Beit
Federation President, Andrew Cohen
commented, “I am especially delighted to
welcome the Rov to London at the start
of this new chapter; the enthusiasm I’ve
witnessed in anticipation of his arrival has
been immense. The Federation is now
positioned under his guidance, to drive
forward its mission in enhancing services and
new initiatives for the benefit of the whole
kehilloh. A true leader of outstanding quality,
the Rov arrives at an opportune time when
clear and decisive leadership is essential with
the growing challenges on numerous fronts
now facing our community.”

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