Need to quickly whip up another delicious treat for Shavuos? A special production of Sterilgarda Cholov Yisroel Mehadrin mascarpone cheese has just hit local supermarket shelves near you in the UK.
In case mascarpone needs some introduction, according to, mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese whose rich, naturally sweet essence almost puts it in the category of dessert. And mascarpone is a staple ingredient in several Italian desserts, especially tiramisu, where it traditionally tops liqueur-soaked ladyfingers before getting a dusting of cocoa powder.
The investment in producing Mehadrin mascarpone is significant. No efforts are spared in ensuring the highest levels of Kashrus for this creamy cheese. Each and every stage is supervised with diligent Hashgocho Temidis. To produce Cholov Yisroel milk, the mashgichim need to attend Chaliva milking sessions at unearthly hours.  The cream is separated and then pasteurised in sterile spotless equipment, and the mashgichim have ensured that all the equipment has been kashered to the very highest  standards. Only then are we are ready to prepare the mascarpone by mixing the hot cream with liquid acids.
The standards of Kashrus are internationally recognised, allowing the product to be awarded the hechsher of CRC – Hisachdus HoRabbonim – USA and Canada.
Director of Certification – Rabbi Y.M. Guttentag sheds some more light on the work that goes into the high levels of Kashrus which were achieved: “In recent years, Rabbonim and Kashrus experts have expressed concern about the Kashrus of some of the livestock used in the dairy industry. In some regions, it is common for surgeries to be performed on the cows which can make them Treifoh. Before working with a farm, we need to rule this out and expend great effort into researching the Kashrus of the livestock. We spent time with the team at the farms to rule out any possible issues. We are so grateful for their keen support!
And finally, is Mascarpone actually a cheese? Though there is no argument about its prime spot on the Yom Tov menu, there is some debate about the halachic status of this unaged, uncompressed product. Those familiar with the halocho may know that Gevina – cheese has its own dinim. Even if one uses Cholov Yisroel – the cheese can still be subject to the prohibition of Gevinas Akkum unless the mashgiach is the one who mixes in the rennet or other acids which cooagulate the milk and set it into cheese. There will alway be some debate in halocho as to which products qualify for this requirement and which can be produced without the Mashgiach’s physical involvement. To produce question-free Kosher leMehadrin mascarpone, the mashgiach started the production – allowing the acid to do its magic as it met the boiling hot cream.
As you do your last shoppping for Yom Tov, look out for the Kehillas and KF logos on the product label to ensure that your Shavuos treats are question-free Kosher leMehadrin.
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