Leading figures in London’s five Kashrus agencies – Kedassia, Federation, KLBD, the Sephardi Kashrus and the London Board for Shechita –have been meeting in response to the recent breaches of kashrus in two separate outlets in Liverpool and Manchester.
The discussion focused on establishing a joint policy of minimum requirements for all meaty restaurants and manufacturing premises, as well as the optimum methods of harnessing technological advances, notably in CCTV, to bring about the required result.
To this end, CCTV experts from YES Security Yanky David and Shmuel Sofer advised the participants on the most effective ways of using CCTV surveillance.
The participants agreed that “the meeting took place in a spirit of harmony and achdus, with the sole aim of learning from one another and improving kashrus standards. It was hoped that this unprecedented gathering will be a forerunner of future collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of the entire Jewish community of London.”
Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of the Kashrus Division of the London Beth Din (KLBD), reiterated that “under the KLBD, caterers and establishments are required to have an approved kashrus operative on site at all times. Many establishments have cameras linked to the Beth Din as well. Such supervision is intrusive as well as expensive but is welcomed by most kosher consumers who appreciate the assurance that comes with a reliable hechsher. Kosher consumers are encouraged to ask for the shomer and enquire about the kashrus controls on site, so that restaurateurs and kosher business owners are aware that their investment in kashrus is worthwhile and appreciated by their customers.”

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