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Edmonton Federation Cemetery- Rebbetzin Aviva Landau-published by the Federation of Synagogues. By Eli Kienwald. All cemeteries are hallowed places. A feeling of foreboding and a subconscious fear pervade visitors when they are made starkly aware of the finality of life, of the existence of another world that they cannot see, and of the presence of ancestors who still possess social agency. Perhaps these feelings are mediated somewhat by the realisation that our moral obligations towards the departed are what differentiates humans from the animal world. This creates a continuum between the dead and the living and establishes a bond that is one of the basic tenets of our social structure. The dead cannot bury themselves.

Federation’s Zayin Adar Seudah in Hamodia

The annual seudah of the Federation chevrah kaddisha on 7 Adar was held this year at the Yeshurun, Edgware. The seudah was attended by members of the chevrah kaddisha, representatives of the Federation’s shuls, Dayanim, Rabbanim and askanim from across the kehillah. Despite the large crowd, there was a tremendous feeling of achdus in the room. As guest speaker Rabbi Meilech Schwartz pointed out in his address, a different selection of the chevrah is convened for each taharah, so that all the members know and feel close to each other. Similarly, their supporters from local shuls as well as of the centralised organisation feel much warmth and gratitude toward the dedicated chevrah kaddisha.

FedTech in Jewish Chronicle

Is your oven Shabbat compliant? How about that gleaming new fridge or your hi-tech freezer? For religious Jews worried about the halachic status of their household items over the day of rest, help is now at hand. The Federation of Synagogues has produced an online guide, detailing issues to watch out for.

Rabbi Shmuel Yosef Shtizberg meets the Federation Beis Din

The Federation Beis Din hosted Rabbi Shmuel Yosef Shtizberg, noted mechaber and posek of Gur in Beit Shemesh, for a roundtable discussion on the challenges facing Jewish communities in the UK, vis a vis the application of halachah to contemporary household appliances. Rabbi Shtizberg, with his keen technical understanding, has advised leading manufacturers on matters of halachah and spearheaded the revolutionary project to design Shabbos-compliant smart water meters. The meeting was held in the light of the creation of the Federation’s new technology department, which has already published pre-purchase consumer guides for the usage of ovens, fridges and freezers on Shabbos and yom tov. Members of the Federation’s ShailaText Rabbinic panel were also in attendance.
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