Parshas Bo

A few years ago, a teacher I know was searching for an interesting dilemma to help him with a lesson he was preparing. Finally, he stumbled upon an article where the author asked a question which takes different forms but ultimately the same end; what is the greatest threat facing the Jewish People today?

Parshas Voero

We have discussed in the past some of the problems which can arise when a person borrows money from a bank or credit facility for a friend, and the friend pays the capital and interest.

Parshas Shemos

אכן נודע הדבר ’ – verily the matter is known’ is understood by Chazal to refer to the rationale for the Golus. משה רבינו is mollified by the knowledge that לשון הרע is endemic. This surely requires our attention.

FedTech in Jewish Chronicle

Is your oven Shabbat compliant? How about that gleaming new fridge or your hi-tech freezer? For religious Jews worried about the halachic status of their household items over the day of rest, help is now at hand. The Federation of Synagogues has produced an online guide, detailing issues to watch out for.
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