Parshas kisetzei

Many people spend time and effort searching for segulos for parnossoh and success. In this week’s Parshah in Perek 23 Posuk 20 and 21 the Posuk tells us of the strict prohibition of charging Ribbis - interest. The Posuk concludes “ למען יברכך ה' אלוקיך בכל משלח ידיך וכו '” that if a person refrains from charging interest, Hashem will bentch him and his possessions. In fact, this works both ways. The Gemorah in Boba Mezia tells us that one who charges Ribbis will lose their wealth and assets.

Parshas Shoftim

Rashi, quoting Chazal1, comments would anybody think that the elders of the Beis Din were murderers! Therefore the interpretation must be that we did not see off this wayfarer without providing him with sustenance and without

Parshas Reeh

Shinuy mokom – the principle which demands a new brochoh rishonoh when moving location, is as relevant when away from home, as when going about one’s daily life. In this section, we examine aspects of the laws of brochos which are equally relevant when at home.

Parshas Eikev

Whether away from home or just on short day trips, many will be reading this article against the backdrop of their annual summer break. This departure from daily schedules often signals a change in dining habits; from barbecues to picnics, and snacking during a long

Parshas Vaeschanan/ Nachamu

In this week’s Parsha we have the first paragraph of the Shema and in it we have the famous commandment, “And you shall love your G-d with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might”.
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