Parshas Korach

The rebellion led by Korach and his following is fascinating. It seems incredible that someone could have the audacity to challenge a leader appointed by none other than Hashem Himself! The pasuk describes Korach’s fundamental complaint with Moshe:

Parshas Shelach Lecho

The Financial Times headline said it all – ‘Theresa May’s hubris robs Britain of stability’ – The Independent called it ‘astounding arrogance’. No precedent does justice to the speed and depth of Theresa May’s political collapse. When she opted for a general election seven weeks ago, she had a poll lead that was larger than the Labour opposition’s entire share of the vote. The only question was whether her win would be comfortable or majestic.

Parshas Behalosecha

“ויעש כן אהרן אל מול פני המנורה העלה נרותיה” The meforshim say that the menorah in the mishkon represented the Torah, “For Mitzvah is a candle, and Torah is light.” [Mishlei, 6:23]
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