Hagolas Keilim

Approximately 200 people gathered to kasher their utensils for Pesach at sites in Hendon and Edgware on Sunday afternoon, during the Federation’s annual hagolas keilim event.

Parshas Shemini

In this week’s parsha the Torah explicitly states the sin of Nadav and Avihu which led to their death. Indeed, it is repeated four times in the Torah - each time we are told that they offered an aish zoroh before Hashem. Granted that there is room for different explanations of this aish zoroh – but why do Chazal toil to find so many other sins to attribute to them when the Torah is so specific?

Parshas Tsav

The Chochom – the wise son – asks a detailed question at the Seder. “What are the testimonies, the statutes and the laws that Hashem our G-d has commanded you?” The answer that the Ba’al Haggadah says is to be given doesn’t seem to respond to the points in the question: “You should also answer him, “Like the laws of the Pesach, one must not eat anything after the Pesach afikomen.”” How does that address his comprehensive query?
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