Parshas Vayikroh

As Pesach approaches one of the events that is pencilled in to many of our calendars, is ‘kashering’. I am not referring to when one kashers one’s kitchen from chometzdig to pesachdig; but rather to the date when many take their silver bechers or cutlery to shul for hagolas keilim so that they can use it for Pesach.

Hamaor Pesach 5777

The mere mention of even the first letter of the word Pesach strikes fear into the heart of Jewish women everywhere – nightmarish images of elusive pretzel crumbs loom large, and in many communities, the battle of the cleaning ladies begins.

Parshas Vayakel

At the beginning of Vayakhel, Moshe Rabbeinu gathers together the entire Jewish People and informs them of Hashem’s instruction for the Mishkan to be built. Donations are requested to be brought from everyone “whose heart motivates him”.

Parshas Ki Sisso

The age-old question of Theodicy is raised by Moshe Rabbenu in our Parsha. He pleads ‘Please show me Your Glory’, which the Gemara (Brachos 7) understands to mean that when Moshe realised that it was a propitious time (an עת רצון ), he made three requests of Hashem, one of which was that Hashem should explain why “tzadik v’tov lo, tzadik v’ra lo, rasha v’tov lo, rasha v’ra lo.” Why is it that there are some righteous people who prosper and others who suffer; additionally, why is it that there are wicked people who are successful and others who suffer?

7 Adar Dinner

The Federation’s annual Zayin Adar seudah for the chevrah kaddisha was this year held l’ilui nishmas its beloved former life president, Mr. Arnold (Avrohom Yeshaya) Cohen, z”l. Mr. Cohen, who was niftar this past summer, was president of the organisation for 12 years between 1989 and 2001.

Parshas Tetsaveh / Purim

We all know the importance of knowing your enemy. Without understanding the source of their hatred and animosity, it is very difficult, if not impossible to defeat them.

7 Adar Dinner

ATTENDANCE at the Federation of Synagogues Chevra Kadisha Seudah last Sunday, “Zayin Adar”, at the Od Yosef Chai hall, Hendon, was the largest ever.This was undoubtedly due to the dedication of this year’s annual event to the memory of the Federation’s former President Mr Arnold (Avrohom Yeshaya) Cohen z”l, who was niftar last year.
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