Parshas Chayei Soroh

The Sedra is called Chayei Sara, the life of Sara, despite the fact that it opens with news of her passing. Life, in Jewish thought is, of course, eternal, and by very definition, rooted in the realm of the spirit.

Parshas Vayero

Interspersed in Rav Hirsch’s commentary on the Chumash are some remarkable insights into Rav Hirsch as the master educator.

Parshas Lech Lecha

This week’s parsha introduces us to the man who changed the world. Avram’s story is far more than just a historical narrative, it is replete with lessons for life.

Parshas Noach

One of the remarkable aspects of the story of the prophet Yonah that we read recently on Yom Kippur, is that Hashem sent Yonah to warn the non-Jewish people of Nineveh that Hashem had noted their wickedness and would destroy the city if they did not repent.
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