Parshas Haazinu

Responding to the need, FedTech have undertaken research into some of the appliances commonly available here in the UK. This week, we launch a new series of articles which will shed some light on how Shabbos kettles work and the halachic principles which underpin their use.

Parshas Vayelech- Shabbos Shuvoh

The earlier part of this verse mentions many evils and troubles - ומצאהו רעות רבות וצרות . However later in the same sentence the Torah refers only to these evils - .מצאוני הרעות So why does the second part of the possuk only refer to these evils - הרעות - and not to the many evils and troubles - ? רעות רבות וצרות

Hamaor Rosh Hashanah 5779

The theme of resilience is one that is repeated throughout this Rosh Hashanah edition of Hamaor. In Rabbi Gershon Miller’s thoughtful op-ed, he speaks of the terrible consequences of a lack of resilience in today’s young people.

Parshas Eikev

הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים – All is in the hands of Heaven, except for the fear of Heaven This famous principle, articulated by R Chanina in the gemara, is based on the passuk in this week’s parsha, where Moshe relays the plea from Hashem to the people – “All I ask from you is to fear me”

Federation’s fiery forum – Article Jewish Tribune

The distinguished mechanech Rabbi Yaakov Haber, of Ramat Bet Shemesh, was guest speaker at the annual conference of the Federation of Synagogues for its Rabbonim. It took place at the Prince Regent Hallmark Hotel in Chigwell, and was organised by Director of Education, Rabbi Dovid Roberts. This year’s theme was ‘Nurturing people, families, kehillos’. In keeping with the Federation’s stated objective, to serve as a premier, frum, kehillahfocused organisation, the conference was aimed firmly at supporting the kehillah rabbonim in their avodas hakodesh

Parshas Devorim, 9 Av

Having concentrated in previous weeks on the practical aspects of separating terumos and maasros, in this week’s article, Dayan Y.D. Hool takes an in-depth look at the obligation to separate terumos and maasros in chutz la’aretz.

Parshas Matos Maasei

With a special focus on the mitzva of tithing Israeli produce, this week’s MaaserText asks ‘What is the halachic need for a dedicated Maaser Sheni coin?’
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