At the conclusion of the year 5782 on this coming Erev Rosh Hashono (Sunday evening, 25/09/22), the Shemitta year draws to an end. At this time, all outstanding debts owed by Jewish borrowers to Jewish lenders will be cancelled. If monies are owed, the lender may no longer claim them. This is referred to as Shemittas Kesofim.

The only way in which it is permissible to reclaim a debt from a Jewish borrower after this date is by making a “Pruzbul” before the onset of Yom Tov on Sunday 25th September. 

The Federation are offering the Kehillah two procedures for making a Pruzbul:

Option 1 – Attendance at a session of the Beis Din

You are invited to attend one of out three public Pruzbul sessions. See here for the timings and location of where the Beis Din will arrange Pruzbuls.

The Pruzbul process is relatively simple, and consits of the following steps:

  • Make the “Pruzbul Declaration” in front of the Federation Beis Din.
  • The Beis Din will then sign a Pruzbul and give it to you.
  • If you will be making the Pruzbul on behalf of another person, you will need to bring with you a signed “Power of Attorney to Make Pruzbul”, this can be printed off here.

According to many Poskim, one should be particular to make a Pruzbul in the presence of an established Beis Din.

option 2 – Sign a Pruzbul document in front of “dayonim”

For instances where a person can not attend a Pruzbul session in Beis Din, the following procedure applies:

  1. Print the Pruzbul form (Download Pruzbul Form
  2. Fill in the name of the person making the Pruzbul and date in the appropriate gaps.
  3. Make the Pruzbul declaration (that appears in bold on the Pruzbul form) in front of three adult Jewish males, who for the purposes of this Pruzbul will serve as dayonim.
  4. The three dayonim sign the Pruzbul.

pruzbul basics

Every individual, even if they are unaware of any debts, should make a “Pruzbul” in order to ensure that they are able to claim any outstanding debts after Rosh Hashono.

For more information regarding the process of the Pruzbul please see our Pruzbul information page.

important note

Any loan made after the date of the signing of a Pruzbul will be cancelled on Rosh Hashono. Therefore, if you make a loan or create any other form of debt subject to Shemitta, after submitting a Pruzbul, which you wish to reclaim, you should arrange another Pruzbul.

This service is provided free of charge. Donations can be made here.


Please click here for an abridged transcript of Rabbi Zimmerman’s Shiurim on the topic of Shmittas Kesofim and Pruzbul.

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