Toiveling Utensils (Tevilas Keylim)

Pesach is a time of year when many new utensils are purchased, and the Keylim Mikva is needed now more than ever.

In extreme circumstances when you are unable to access a Keylim Mikva or for items which will be damaged by Tevilla, the Federation’s Mechiras Keylim service is available if necessary. Click here to access this service and to read further details. We suggest that you check with your Rov to confirm whether it is correct to rely on Mechiras Keylim in your circumstances.

Pesach 2022 – timeline

1. Mechiras Chometz
  • The Federation’s Mechiras Chometz form can be filled in online by clicking here .
  • The form should be filled in by midnight Wednesday 13th April. After this time, the form will no longer be available.
  • Forms can also be sent by email to
2. Thursday Night – Bedikas Chometz
  • For those who have the minhag to do so, ten pieces of bread are hidden around the house.
  • The brocho and further instructions can be found in a Siddur or Machzor
  • After the bedika, כל חמירא is recited.
3. Ta’anis Bechorim
  • If you are firstborn male, you should attend a Siyum in order to absolve yourself from the need to fast today. You should not eat before attending the Siyum.
4. friday morning – FinisEating Chometz
  • Sof zman achilas Chometz is at 10:04am GMT in London. After this time, Chometz, Kitniyos and egg matza may not be eaten.
  • Before sof zman achila, one should brush their teeth and floss / clean out their mouth.
5. friday Morning – Destroying Chometz
  • Zman biur Chometz (last time for destroying Chometz) is at 11:32am GMT in London.
  • Before this time, you should recite the second כל חמירא as instructed in the Siddur or Machzor.
6. Friday Afternoon
  • Complete haircuts and ironing by Chatzos at 1:01pm.
7. Preparing the Seder Foods


  • Open Matza and wine
  • Wash lettuce for Maror
  • Prepare Charoses
  • Roast Zero’ah (bone) and egg for Seder plate
  • Prepare salt water

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