Community: Tiferet Eyal

Rabbi Yaacov Benzaquen was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela. From a young age he was involved in community leadership and after a yeshiva gap year and completing an engineering degree from Columbia University in New York, he went on to study in Yeshiva and Kollel Medrash Shmuel for 7 years. After receiving smichah the Benzaquens joined five families to established the Jewish Study Network in Palo Alto, Ca, a kiruv kollel where Rabbi Benzaquen ran their Campus Department serving Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley.

In 2008 the Benzaquens moved to London to join the JLE’s Campus department where Rabbi Benzaquen (better known as Rabbi B) still works inspiring, educating and guiding students across UK campuses.

Rabbi Benzaquen also served as Rav of Tzur Israel, better known as the Gibraltar Minyan, from 2009 until Joining Tiferet Eyal and the Federation on January 1st of this year


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