Occupational Driving

Using own vehicle for work purposes

If an employee uses their own vehicle in the course of their employment, they will need to have a current driving licence, MOT and policy of motor insurance, including insurance for business use, obtained at their own expense. Employees are responsible for payment of any fines including parking fines obtained in the course of the employment.

Use of mobile phones while driving

Whilst driving, the Federation does not condone the use of mobile phones or similar devices whilst driving, unless used with a properly-fitted hands free kit, or similar legally compliant device and expects all members of staff to handle their mobile phone calls in such a manner so as not to contravene any driving laws. Staff should consider the safety of themselves and others at all times.

Staff are reminded of ‘Regulation 104 of the Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 – failing to have proper control’, whilst driving on Federation business. The hand-held use of these items, whether listening, speaking, texting or watching a screen whilst driving, is an offence, and the Federation will not support individuals found to be in breach. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that they are, at all times, in compliance with this law. Any contravention of this law is the sole responsibility of the employee and not the Federation and no fines will be paid by us in respect of this.

Traffic Offences

We request that employees observe all aspects of the Highway Code. Employees caught in breach of driving laws related to the use of phones, alcohol consumption and/or drug use will be subject to  disciplinary procedures.

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