May I wear my new suit for Shabbos Chazon?

No. Even new clothes which do not require a Shehecheyanu should not be worn unless one has no other clothes.

Can I buy new glasses in the Nine Days?

If necessary, e.g., your prescription has changed. To get a new pair of glasses for fashion purposes is forbidden.

Can I polish my shoes during the Nine Days?

One should refrain from polishing shoes during the Nine Days but one may do so for the honour of Shabbos.

Is there any way I can shower during the Nine Days?

The prohibition of washing oneself during the Nine Days is when it is done for enjoyment. If you need to take a shower because you need to wash off dirt or because you feel uncomfortable due to sweat then a shower is permitted with cold or lukewarm water, washing limb by limb (rather than washing the whole body in one go).

Can I wash my six-year-old as usual during the Nine Days?

A child may be washed with soap and lukewarm water to remove dirt and sweat. If a child refuses and will not be washed in lukewarm water then warmer water is permitted. A child up until the age of three may be washed in the usual manner.

In the Nine Days may I put on a sprinkler in the garden for children to play in?

Yes, this is permitted.

May I put on deodorant during the Nine Days?

This is perfectly fine.

Am I allowed to cut my nails on Erev Shabbos Chazon?

Cutting nails is permitted on Erev Shabbos for the honour of Shabbos even when Tisha B’Av falls on Shabbos.

I am going on holiday the day after Tisha B’Av. May I do laundry during the Nine Days if the clothes will not be worn until after Tisha B’Av?

Laundry is forbidden during the Nine Days even if the clothes will not be worn until after Tisha B’Av. This is to ensure one does not detract from the feeling of aveilus during these days.

I gave my laundry to a non-Jewish owned laundrette on Erev Rosh Chodesh Av. Is this problematic as he may launder them over the Nine Days?

This is not a problem as long as it was given before Rosh Chodesh.

May I wash my children’s clothes during the Nine Days?

Clothes of young children which get dirty very often may be laundered in private.

The button of my jacket came off. May I get it sewn back on during the Nine Days?

A detached button may be sewn back on but other adjustments which give the item of clothing a new look are forbidden.

Can I get my sheital washed during the Nine Days? 

Cutting and washing a sheital is forbidden during the Nine Days but a regular combing of a sheital is permitted.

Is one allowed to get repairs done on a car during the Nine Days?


May children take swimming lessons during the 9 Days?

If they are under the age of mourning for the Beis Hamikdash (8/9 years old), then they may.

Is hair removal permitted for a married woman during the 9 Days?


Is it permitted to give gifts during the 9 Days, e.g. an end-of-year appreciation gift to a teacher?

Aside from on Tisha B’av itself, gifts are generally permitted unless they are a matonoh shel simcho, e.g. an engagement ring.


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