Mediation is a facilitative process, whereby a solution is not imposed upon the parties, but the parties are brought together and the mediator assists them in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute. That resolution need not reflect the parties’ legal rights nor mirror the judgment that would have been given by a court.

Mediation can be effective because the mediator, a neutral third party, works with the parties, by noting grounds of agreement, by forcing the parties to recognize the weaknesses of their cases, and by suggesting creative solutions that may be mutually satisfactory.

In mediation, parties talk directly to each other in a way that litigation makes virtually impossible. They may indicate willingness to move from strongly expressed litigation positions, and may make offers to each other and discuss alternative ways of mending business relationships. Thus negotiation and mediation are more ideal forums than litigation for enabling warring neighbors to resolve their differences, for resolving disputes within families or family businesses, and indeed for resolving many other disputes between individuals who will, by necessity, be in social or commercial contact after the issues have been resolved.

The Federation Beis Din is staffed by Dayonim who have wide experience in mediation, and some of whom are accredited Mediators, and the Beis Din offers mediation services for parties who would like to opt for this.

For further information or to arrange Mediation please telephone 020 8202 2263 (option 3) or email


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