1. Fill out the form below
  2. Click send on the form
  3. When Tevilas Keylim becomes feasible in the future, the items must be toiveled as normal, WITH a brocho (if appropriate). (NOTE: THIS IS A REVISED PSAK, WE HAD PREVIOUSLY INSTRUCTED NOT TO MAKE A BROCHO). Before you toivel them, lift the items intending to acquire (be koineh) them. You have permission to do this any time you wish once a mikvah becomes available.
  4. If you are unsure whether your form was received, please email
How does this work? why do i not need to toivel the items if i fill in the form?
  1. Vessels which are owned by a non-Jew are not subject to the mitzva of Tevilas Keylim.
  2. Under normal circumstances, one would be obligated to toivel all vessels and would not be allowed to exempt themselves by transferring their ownership.
  3. In the current circumstances, we rely on the opinions who would allow this leniency and the vessels are temporarily exempt from Tevilla.
  4. By filling in the form below, you are instructing Federation’s Rabbonim and Dayonim to sell the items on your behalf.
  5. As this leniency is only in place in the current situation when one is unable to toivel keylim, the permission is only temporary. We have therefore instructed that when Tevilas Keylim becomes feasible in the future, the items must be toiveled as normal.


what happens when i fill in the  form?
  1. Federation Beis Din get a notification informing us that you wish to sell the items.
  2. At 5 pm UK time, all requests which have been accumulated during the day are sent to our Rabbonim who will arrange the sale.
  3. The Rabbonim then arrange a remote sale making use of a bank transfer (kinyan kessef) and other halachic measures (Oidisa and Kinyan Agav) – this formalises the sale of your items.


when can i use the items?
  1. The sale does not take place immediately when you fill in the form. Permission to use the items commences only once the sale has taken place. If you submit the form by 5pm UK time, then your items will get sold that day.
  2. You may not use your items until 6.15pm UK time.
  3. At 6.15pm, you may assume that the sale has taken place and the items may be used.









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