You have been routed to this page because you have received a text message from MaaserText. Read on for instructions on how to proceed.


what to do after you have received an auto-response message from maasertext

You are now entitled to make one use of our coin IF you need to do so.

If however, your produce is Shemitta produce, it may be forbidden to eat (Sefichin or Biur) or eating it may require you to follow special restrictions (Kedushas Sheviis). These terms are explained in more detail here. To check whether your produce is Shemitta produce and its current status and usage instructions, check here.

If your produce is not currently Shemitta produce, the usual Maaser procedure should be followed. Below are details of how to Maaser produce which is not Shemitta produce.


1) Preparing the food – Separate slightly more than 1% of the edible part of the produce. Each type of food (e.g. avocados, potatoes) needs to be maasered separately. WARNING – ensure you do not separate less than the required amount.

2) Text MAASER to 07476 554 613 to receive permission to use the Federation’s coin. Text again for each individual food you are separating from. – NOTE: THIS INSTRUCTION IS RELEVANT IF YOU HAVE NOT YET TEXTED US. AS YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM MAASERTEXT THERE IS NO NEED TO TEXT AGAIN. 

3) Declaration – Upon receiving confirmation from MaaserText, make the following declaration:

“I hereby designate the required Terumos and Maasros, according to the Federation Beis Din’s nusach, and I hereby redeem any Maaser Sheni and Revai onto the coin that has been set aside for this by the Federation Beis Din in accordance with the Beis Din’s nusach, and the terms of usage of the coin.”

נוסח קצר:

כל ההפרשות של תרומת ומעשרות וחלולי מעשר שני ורבעי יחולו בזה כדת כמו שכתוב בנוסח של בית הדין של הפעדערישן ולפי התנאים של בית הדין.

4) The small amount of food separated, which is now Terumah and Terumas Maaser, should be well wrapped and thrown away. The rest of the produce may now be eaten.

For a printable MaaserText flyer please click here.

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