Lone Worker Policy

Working alone in a communal building should be avoided if possible. If this is unavoidable, the following procedures should be followed to ensure safety.


The Lone Worker (LW) should make sure they have a mobile phone with them.  The phone should contain the contact details of their co-workers, manager and the CST emergency number – 0800 032 3263

Prior to arrival at the building the LW should alert their manager and/or a colleague to the fact you are going into the building and how long for.

On arrival

Check the area for anyone suspicious hanging around / loitering’ (people or vehicles)

  • If you are suspicious, do not enter the building. Walk to a more public area, wait a few moments and then return.  If the suspicious person or vehicle is still there and paying close attention to you or the building, call the police on 999 and then CST.
  • If you see a suspicious item outside the building – DO NOT TOUCH IT. Try to ascertain its ownership and if this is not possible, call the Police on 999 and then CST

Before entering

  • Make sure the Intruder alarm has not been activated and there are no signs of forced entry
  • If activated or clear signs of forced entry – DO NOT ENTER – Call Police 999 and then CST

Once inside

Lock the door behind you, keep all doors and windows locked, do not open the door to unknown visitors, do not accept deliveries that are not expected.

Where a mobile panic button is available, carry it with you at all times, and your mobile phone.

On departure

Ensure you have everything you need with you. Immediately prior to your departure inform your manager and/or a colleague to the fact you are about to leave.  Have a look around outside to ensure safe environment, set the alarm, leave and lock the doors.

Once you are away from the building in your car/bus or train contact your manager and/or colleague to inform them.

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