Shopping for a new household appliance was once a relatively easy experience, but in the 21st century has become something of a logistical nightmare. Technological developments have made it increasingly difficult to know whether an oven, fridge or freezer is fully compliant with the rigorous demands of Shabbos observance and kashrus. How is it possible to really know whether your oven, fridge or freezer is fully compliant with the rigorous halachic demands of shemiras Shabbos and kashrus? (click here to read our introductory Hamaor article on this topic).

Read on for our pre-purchase guides and other information to help you when kitting out your kitchen!


Click here to read our informative guide for details of how to ensure that you may open your oven door on Shabbos.

How to keep food hot in an oven over Shabbos

Click here to read this guide for a simple explanation of the requirements for heating food before and during Shabbos, when using an oven.

How to ensure your oven remains Kosher

Click here for this section, which will provide guidance on the means by which an oven should be used

How can I know that the fridge I am buying can be used on Shabbos?

Click here to learn what are the halachic issues to be aware of when buying a fridge or freezer.


How do I prepare my fridge/freezer for Shabbos?

Click here to learn how to kasher a fridge or freezer for Shabbos.


Click here to read this ‘shomer Shabbos’ guide to the UK appliance market.

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