Emergency Invacuation Procedure

In the event of an emergency caused by an external threat, the site Security Officer may need to instigate an invacuation, that is, restrict people to a safe enclosed space in the building. Each site should have an appointed safe area, where people are able to gather in relative safety if faced with an external threat. The safe area will usually be away from outside walls, glazing or objects that are likely to fall and cause harm.

Situations which may cause an invacuation could include but are not limited to: –

  1. A suspicious package or vehicle outside the building.
  2. An unsafe or threatening incident taking place outside the building.
  3. A major local reported incident or warning from the Police.

If any of these situations occur:

  • A warning will be given. [Specify warning]
  • Security guard must activate the panic alarm immediately. This will activate the INTRUDER ALARM and alert POLICE.
  • Depending on the situation, the [Security Officer] or other responsible person may verbally instruct people by making emergency announcements.
  • Everyone must move quickly and quietly to [Specify Room/Area], go on the ground (possibly under tables), face down, away from windows and should remain very quiet.
  • Members of staff, who are nearby an external door, must close/lock it immediately then lock or block the door and cover with paper if possible. Close windows and blinds then sit on the floor blocking the door yourself and await further instructions.
  • Security Guard, if safe to do so, should prevent entry; liaise with Police, CST and Security team. It may be necessary to provide a Site Plan to the police.
  • Staff should ensure external doors near to them are locked and then lock themselves in the nearest room, get down low and out of sight to await further instructions.
  • Visitors/ Contractors should go into the nearest room on the floor and out of sight.
  • The Responsible Person should stay on the line with security or police, giving updated information, and when appropriate giving the all clear signal
  • Everyone must remain in the safe areas until an all clear is communicated by the Emergency Services.

All clear

Everyone should remain in their rooms until an announcement is made.

There will be an ‘All Clear’ message through the intercom – [Jewish Month]

Do not open the door to anyone.

All incidents and tests are to be logged using the appropriate forms provided and kept in the log sheet.

This procedure should be rehearsed from time to time. Seek advice locally from CST representatives or the Police.

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