Shabbos Kettles / hot water urns, an important feature of almost every Shabbos Kitchen are the focus of many halachic shailas.

Does an urn need a hechsher? Is there any halachic concern with regards taking water from an urn on Shabbos? Can water be added freely on Yom Tov? These questions and more are addressed here.

FedTech / Kehillas certified urns

Several urns have been certified by Kehillas / FedTech for Mehadrin Shabbos and Yom Tov usage and can be found on our Recommended Products page.

Guides for use of non-Certified Urns

We have also prepared a list of instructions for use of widely available models of Swan Urns click here . Note these articles refer to the models available on the general market. Specially adapted models are available for Mehadrin Shabbos use. (See Recommended Products)

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