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Beis gavriel
The children of Beis Gavriel on an outing on the ‘mitzvah tank’ in September.








With Tisha B’Av over, Ilford enjoyed a busy summer/autumn programme.
Our first outing was to Blenheim Palace by coach, which started in the rain, but by the time the tours of the palace had finished the sun came out and we could visit the grounds.

Throughout the summer we have enjoyed visits from Rabbis and listened to different tunes for the prayers and heard various sermons.

Birthday kiddushim have ranged from one for a 92-year-old to one for a 21-year-old! Many a Shabbat we strolled home to a much smaller lunch, especially after the cholent kiddushim! We have also been grateful for superb leining from Mr. S Shapiro on most weeks.

The challah bakers at Finchley Fed for ShabbatUK







kehillas netzach yisroel

Seudah shlishis programme

We held a very successful family seudah shlishis in October, attended by well over 100 people.  It included an innovative hilchos Shabbos learning programme for the whole family.

Chassanim lunch

Our annual lunch honouring our chassanim was sold out.  We enjoyed wonderful food and a fantastic atmosphere.

In recent weeks we have also held a seudah shlishis for women, an oneg Shabbos and a siyum mishnayos, as well as starting a monthly Friday night learning programme, restarting our Shabbos morning winter programme which includes a hamotzi kiddush and midday shiur before mincha and continuing our full programme of weekly shiurim.

ohr yerushalayim

The Great Ohr Yerushalayim Challah Bake-off

Over 25 Primary School boys and girls gathered together for the inaugural OJ challah bake. All the kids had a great time plaiting and shape their dough adding on a sprinkling from a choice of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, chocolate drops and coloured sprinkles to personalise them. Thank you to all the ladies who helped supervise what was a truly memorable and enjoyable event.
Later on in the evening 30 + girls from Years 6 and above joined together for a cheerful challah bake. It started with a challah discussion/talk led by Mrs Gila Ross. Challah dough was shaped artistically by the girls to take home to bake! The girls had in mind the cholim of the kehilla as they worked their challah dough. A good time was had by all.

Friday Night Hospitality

For the third year running, shul members were paired up to eat out or host other members who they may not know too well. Once again a good time was had by all, with members enjoying each other’s company whilst at the same time enhancing the achdus of the community.

Whisky Tasting

On motzei Shabbos 20+ men from the shul gathered for a whisky tasting kindly hosted by David Levine who jointly organised it with Dov Brysh. There were many different whisky’s to taste with a commentary by Rabbi Amir Ellituv. There was a convivial atmosphere and everyone walked home having had an enjoyable evening.







Pre-Yamim Norarim Learning Evening

Over 50 people came to the Yeshurun to listen to our keynote speaker Dayan Yonoson Hool, it was an evening of inspiration and learning. The evening began with Rabbi Benji Landau speaking on the Gift of Teshuva and Rebbetzen Aviva Landau speaking to the ladies on Preparing for Judgement. The evening concluded with a l’chaim.

Edgware Ezra Youth

Ezra Edgware joined the Yeshurun for their Shabbaton, Friday night Ezra led the davening with Alex Jaffe giving members and 170 Ezra youth an uplifting and inspiration Kabbolos Shabbos. Ezra then stayed for dinner and seuda on Shabbos afternoon.

Friday Night with the Shabbaton Choir 

Davening led by Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld and Chazan Jonny Turgel accompanied by the Shabbaton Choir, it was an amazing service enjoyed by everyone. The evening was followed by a communal dinner with 170 seated in the new extended and refurbished hall, now able to seat 220 people. The atmosphere was full of enjoyment and achdus amongst the kehilla, with Rabbi Lewis welcoming everyone giving an inspirational dvar Torah, later followed sketches and singing from the Shabbaton Choir and to finish Rabbi Benji Landau who arranged this event thanked all those that organised the logistics of the shul, hall and the catering.

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