The Federation of Synagogues provides an annual tombstone cleaning service at both Edmonton and Rainham Cemeteries. 

This service gives family and friends peace of mind that their loved one’s tombstones are being cared for and helps to prevent costly repairs in the future.

The service is carried out by our professional and experienced grounds staff, with a special cleaning solution, helping to maintain the stones in pristine condition.

Cleaning is carried out in the summer months, between July and August.

For TOMBstones installed less than two years ago

Initially the grounds crew will inspect the tombstone to determine if it can be cleaned immediately, or if it needs to be refurbished by a Federation approved stonemason before cleaning can be undertaken.

For TOMBstones installed over two years ago

Tombstones that have been in situ for more than two years without cleaning need to be refurbished by an approved Federation stonemason before being added to the tombstone cleaning service.

Refurbishment will include levelling the stone and touch-up of the inscription or any other requirements.  Once this work has been completed, the stone can be added to the cleaning service.

For a list of Federation-approved stonemasons, please click here.

Annually Renewable TOMBstone Washing Service

You will be billed on a yearly basis between January and June for the continuation of the grave-washing service.

2023 annual fees:

Single Tombstone – £60
Double Tombstone – £80

Extended Tombstone Washing Service

We are now introducing the option of an extended Tombstone washing contract.  This option provides peace of mind that the Tombstone is being cared for, ensures that the cost remains the at the current annual rate for the duration of the contract and avoids the need for annual billing.

5 YEAR RATES (as of 2023)

Single Tombstone – £250

Double Tombstone – £360

10 YEAR RATES (as of 2023)

Single Tombstone – £450

Double Tombstone – £650

(all prices include VAT)

To join this service please download and complete one copy of the application form for each stone that requires washing. Click here for the form

For more information about this service, please contact the Federation Burial Society on 0208 202 2263 or

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