Fire & Emergency Evacuation Plan Template

If you discover a fire or one is reported to you:

  • Raise the alarm by shouting “Fire” then operate the nearest fire alarm call point. These are often located adjacent to exit doors, stair landings, and final exits to open air;
  • Evacuate the immediate area by the nearest available fire exit, and if safe, close all doors and windows behind you;
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit and go immediately to the designated assembly point;
  • Await further instructions;
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised by the Responsible Person – usually the Administrator / Site Manager / Caretaker or Emergency Services – that it is safe to do so.

At most Federation Synagogues the fire brigade is automatically called when the fire alarm is activated. Additionally, the Responsible Person should immediately call the emergency services.

Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers will only be used where:

  • Staff have received training and feel confident in their use
  • Where it is deemed safe to do so i.e. there is a clear means of escape, fire is small

Personal safety always takes priority, and if in any doubt, staff should not attempt to extinguish a fire.

To call the fire brigade:

  • Dial 999 and ask for the fire brigade;
  • When a controller answers state “Fire at [Site Name] Synagogue, [Site Address]”;
  • Do not replace the receiver until the address has been confirmed.

If you hear the Fire Alarm operating:

  • Unless instructed otherwise by Security personnel, ensure that all personnel in your area leave the premises using the nearest available exit;
  • Ensure persons with mobility difficulties are accompanied and assisted from the premises. So that they do not cause obstructions to other people if is best that they wait until last;
  • Calmly make your exit from the building and proceed to the Assembly Point where a roll call or head count may be carried out;
  • If you have been instructed in the use of firefighting equipment and you feel it is safe and within your capabilities to attempt to extinguish the fire, use the nearest suitable fire extinguisher. This should only be done if:
  • you are not on your own;
  • your exit path is blocked by fire;
  • you can help another person whose path is blocked by fire;
  • Follow all instructions given by stewards or fire marshals;
  • Never go back into the building unless instructed by a Responsible Person or Emergency Services;
  • Carry out the procedure below.

At the Assembly Point:

  • Wait at the Assembly Point; This is at [Enter Location Name]
  • Have a look around to see if you think anyone is missing;
  • Report anyone missing to a steward or Fire Marshal.
  • Await further instructions from the Senior Fire Officer and / or the Responsible Person before re-entering the building.

General safety instructions:

  • Obey any instructions or directions given Fire Marshals, Fire Officers, members of the Emergency Services and the Responsible Person;
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings;
  • Proceed directly to the designated Assembly Point;
  • Be aware of the dangers from vehicular movements when crossing a roadway or public thoroughfare;
  • Do not obstruct any public thoroughfare or stand in the roadway;
  • Stay together at the Assembly Point; do not wander off;
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so.
  • Use the Accident Book. to report any occurrences of fire no matter how small or contained.

Location of key safety hazards or other fire related equipment

  • Gas supply shut off: [Enter Location]
  • Mains fuse box: [Enter Location]
  • Mains water inlet: [Enter Location]
  • Gas/oxygen cylinders: [Enter Location- if any]
  • Location of fire alarm panel: [Enter Location]

Synagogue:                            _______________________________________________

Responsible Person:             _______________________________________________


If you have any queries about this, please contact either the Head Office on 020 8202 2263 or H&S Safety Manager – Avi Cohen:, 020 3870 4730

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