Dedicated to enabling the Orthodox consumer to live a halachically observant life in modern Britain, FedTech partnered with Fisher & Paykel to offer a Mehadrin certified ‘Sabbath mode’ for ovens.

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Read this page to understand which ovens are covered by the hechsher and to learn how to use these ovens on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Are all of Fisher & Paykel’s ovens covered by FedTech’s Hechsher?

The user should be aware of the following important points:

  • Only the ovens listed below are covered by FedTech’s hechsher.
  • Even the certified ovens may only be used when the Sabbath mode has been correctly operated as per the appliance’s instructions.
  • The ovens must be used in accordance with the guidelines explained below.

Can I insert food into the oven on Shabbos?

It is forbidden to insert food into an oven on Shabbos – even when it is in Sabbath mode. This applies even if the food is hot or has previously been fully cooked. Ovens, even in Sabbath mode, may only be used with food which has been placed in the oven before the onset of Shabbos.

Does food need to be fully cooked before Shabbos?

When food is inserted into the oven before Shabbos, care should be taken to ensure that the food is fully cooked (and any precooked liquids are hot) by the time Shabbos comes in.

In cases of need, food may be inserted into the oven in preparation for Shabbos – as long as the food will have reached ⅓ cooked by the time Shabbos commences.

Are there any instructions for removing food from the oven on Shabbos?

The ovens covered by this hechsher have been programmed to resolve the shailas which are caused by the thermostatic control used in many ovens. These ovens have been programmed using a simmerstat or duty cycle control. This removes the concerns relating to the use of an appliance which is controlled by a thermostat. Therefore, the ovens may be accessed freely during the course of Shabbos and Yom Tov whilst the Sabbath mode is in operation.

When the food has been taken out of the oven on Shabbos or Yom Tov, may it be returned to the oven if the oven is in Sabbath mode?

Food may not be returned to an oven on Shabbos even if it is operating in Sabbath mode.

May the controls be changed on Shabbos or Yom Tov?

It remains forbidden to make any changes to the oven’s settings when making use of the ovens on Shabbos or Yom Tov. The oven must have been set before Shabbos or Yom Tov and no changes may be made until after Shabbos or Yom Tov.

I have read elsewhere that a Shabbos mode oven may only be opened once over the course of Shabbos or that one should wait for the indicator light to show. Is this necessary when using these ovens?

Your question may be based on other articles published on our website – for example here. The concerns addressed in these articles are relevant for ovens which are controlled by a thermostat.

The ovens covered by this hechsher are not controlled by a thermostat when operating in Sabbath mode. It is therefore not necessary to limit the number of door openings or to wait for the indicator light. It is for this reason that the Federation Beis Din have awarded these ovens with a Mehadrin “Kehillas” hechsher.

Are there any other benefits associated with these ovens?

Although it is beyond FedTech’s remit to offer a technical review of appliances, the user may find the following features helpful due to their practicality for Shabbos and Yom Tov use:

  • The ability to set an end time: The ovens can be programmed to run for a short period of time and then shut off. This would be useful in the typical scenario where the oven is required for Friday night but not for Shabbos lunch. Moreover, the oven turning off increases the safety and energy efficiency of these ovens for the Shabbos kitchen.
  • Pyrolytic cycle: This feature can be used to kasher the oven for Pesach.
  • High, medium and low settings: This feature allows for a variety of usage scenarios, for example medium or low for keeping food warm for Shabbos use, and high for cooking food from raw on Yom Tov. Users are advised to test the various settings before deciding which is best suited for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Which models are certified?

List of Certified Ovens:

Convection Ovens

81866 – OB76SDPTDB1

81914 – OB60SDPTB1 FP GB

81916 – OB60SDPTDB1

81918 – OB60SDPTDB1 FP GB

82275 – OB60SDPTX1

82276 – OB60SDPTDX1

82282 – OB60SDPTDX1

82285 – OB76SDPTDX1

CONVECTION + Steam Ovens

82243 – OS60SDTX1

82244 – OS60SDTDX1

82245 – OS60SDTB1

82246 – OS60SDTDB1

double CONVECTION Ovens

82286 – OB76DDPTDX1

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