Leaders from across the London Jewish community gathered on Sunday 4th July to mark the inauguration of the new Federation Cemetery in Edgware. It is the first solely Orthodox cemetery to be located in the heart of North West London and the first Federation Cemetery to be opened since the 1930s.

The Edgwarebury Lane site will be a welcome addition to the existing grounds in Edmonton and Rainham.

The Chevra Kaddisha sanctified the land with seven Hakofos. The Kohanim joined in the sanctification through the burying of unusable Sifrei Torah.

Following the recital of Tehillim, Federation Rov and Av Beis Din, HaRav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman shlit’a addressed the gathering saying “The opening of this new Federation Cemetery in Edgware is a big step forward in our mission to serve the needs of our growing Orthodox Community. I am proud to lead this dynamic kehilloh organisation dedicated to promoting the importance of Torah as the solution to all of life’s challenges and difficulties”.

Andrew Cohen, President of The Federation said “Today’s inauguration is an acknowledgement of our history and also of our destiny.

We pledged to return the Federation to its status as a powerhouse of orthodox Jewry, driving our organisation onwards to become the prevailing leading light and a guiding voice of the community”.

Special thanks were given by Mr Menachem Gertner, Burial Society Treasurer to several people who helped make this project a reality.

A special mention was made of the late Councillor Brian Gordon z”l whose steadfast support was enormously effective and most appreciated.

The new cemetery has space for over 7,000 burial plots, a purpose-built Taharah facility, a purpose-built mikvah and coffin making workshop.

Yerusholyaim is a central focus of the new Beis HaChaim. Jerusalem Stone, quarried in Israel, has been specially imported to clad the central spine of the Ohe

l building and is adorned by olive trees. All burial plots will be directed to face towards Yerusholyaim.

The landscape and burial layout has been designed to include a state of the art drainage system which will allow for rainwater run-off and minimise water retention.

The Federation has also acquired a section of the Eretz HaChaim Cemetery near to Beit Shemesh in Israel for those who wish to be buried in the Holy Land.

The Federation Burial Society is currently offering, until 1st October 2021, for those aged 49 and under to join without payment of a joining fee premium. Those interested should contact Head Office by phone on 020 8202 2263 or burial@federation.org.uk

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