Please note: these FAQs were written for Tisha B’Av 2020

There is a sale taking place during the Nine Days – can I purchase sale items?

If there is a significant reduction on the item and it will not be possible to buy the item at that price after the Nine Days, it may be purchased. This applies even to items that bring joy when purchased.

I have run out of clean kitchen towels or tablecloths – can I wash them?

One should not use freshly laundered towels or tablecloths during the Nine Days, however if all of them are soiled and unusable one can wash a minimal amount. [Note that on Shabbos one may use freshly laundered items].

Due to COVID-19, am I allowed to wash my hands on Tishah b’Av and Yom Kippur as normal with soap etc.?

During the current pandemic, washing hands is acutely necessary to prevent the spread of the disease. The halochos of Tisha B’Av and Yom kippur allow hand washing with soap and/or sanitizer as is needed to facilitate hygiene. If hands are already clean and being washed due to davening or negel vasser, then they should be washed only to the knuckles.

During the Nine Days, can I brush my hat? Comb or wash my sheital? Shine my shoes?

One may brush a hat or comb a sheital. One may not wash a sheitel or have it cut. One may clean shoes from surface dirt, but they should not be polished purely to give an extra shine.

Can I bathe my children on Tishah b’Av afternoon to be ready for Shabbos?

Young children who do not understand the concept of aveilus may be bathed by their parents (after chatzos). For children under the age of eight it can be assumed that this is permitted.

What am I allowed to do this year on the day after Tishah b’Av to be able to get ready for Shabbos?

Normally one must continue to observe the halochos of the Nine Days until chatzos (midday) on the 10th of Av. This year, one may wash clothes, shave or have a haircut, and bathe as normal immediately after the end of the fast in order to be prepared for Shabbos. One cannot listen to music or eat meat or drink wine until midday as per normal.

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