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In addition to hall hire, synagogues need to consider the following when hosting events on their premises.

  1. What type of event is it and who is responsible for organising it?
  2. Does Head Office need to be informed? You will need to complete an insurance risk assessment for any event beyond the realms of a social gathering (eg a bouncy castle will be on site, or there will be a barbecue). Please contact Avi Cohen, Property and Projects Manager, on 020 3870 4730 for more information or if you are unsure as to whether this is necessary for the planned event.
  3. If food or alcohol is being served or sold, consider food hygiene requirements and any necessary license applications. (For more information, please see and
  4. If children are involved in the event, ensure the relevant safeguards are in place, including a) DBS checks for staff and volunteers b) safety and standards compliance of all equipment
  5. If music is being played, consider whether a music license will be required (

Is there to be a raffle, sweepstake or tombola? As long as it meets the criteria below it will be considered an ‘incidental non-commercial lottery’ and does not need to be registered. (for more information see

  • An “incidental non-commercial lottery” is a term that includes raffles, sweepstakes and tombolas.
  • Tickets for this type of lottery must be sold and the winners announced at the event.
  • Anyone at the event (including children) can take part in this sort of lottery.
  • The expenses that can be deducted from the proceeds must not be more than £100, and no more than £500 can be spent on prizes (not including donated prizes).
  1. If photos will be taken or the event will be recorded, ensure permission has been obtained from participants before using for marketing purposes.
  2. Consider a wet weather plan if the event is to be held outdoors
  3. Ensure an emergency plan is in place and that guests have been made aware of it, including notification of emergency exits and assembly point
  4. Consider having a trained first aider on site and ensure there is a stocked first aid kit
  5. Consider security arrangements for the event – if it is being publicly advertised, contact the CST for their advice and support on the day
  6. For paid events – if payment is to be taken on the door, consider how cash (and data) will be kept secure – contact Avi Cohen, Property and Projects Manager, on 020 3870 4730 for information on the Federation’s insurance requirements
  7. If any third parties are involved in the event, ensure they have their own liability insurance and request a copy of the certificate
  8. Consider provisions for disposal of waste after the event
  9. If on-site parking is to be permitted, consider what logistic and security arrangements may be required for this.
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