NB: Please note that this is merely an internal application form. If the complexities of the case suggest that it would be advantageous for the Beis Din to review the case before the first hearing, and with the consent of both parties, written submissions may be made prior to the hearing. You will be given the opportunity to present your claim in full at the first hearing of the Beis Din.

All submissions to the Beis Din concerning the case should be submitted as a matter of course to the other party too.

If you intend to present any documents at the Hearing, you should provide three copies for the Dayonim (if there case is to be heard by a full tribunal of three) and an additional copy for the other party.

When you attend the Hearing, both you and the Defendant(s) will be asked to sign a legal form submitting the dispute to the arbitration of the Beth Din, so that any decision taken by the Beth Din will be binding in Civil Law as well. A draft copy of the Arbitration Agreement can be found here.

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