Contractors Permit to Work

Guidance Notes

A ‘Contractors Permit to Work’ should be issued to any contractor undertaking work at a Federation site. The contractor should sign the ‘Contractors Permit to Work’ to confirm that they understand the hazards, agree to conform to all safety controls, and to take all necessary precautions. Completed copies of the ‘Contractors Permit to Work’ should be retained in the on-site H&S file.

This ‘Contractors Permit to Work’, includes options for different, and / or more hazardous tasks or particularly hazardous areas:

  • Simplified Access Permit

For use as a simple permit to access a work area;

  • Electrical Permit

For use when working on fixed electrical wiring;

  • Hot Work;,

For use when using grinding or welding machinery;

  • Work at Height Permits.

If in doubt the Federation’s Property / H&S Manager will advise on which areas require a ‘Contractors Permit to Work’ and the precautions required to be taken by the contractor.

Click here to download the Contractors Permit to Work form.


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