The Yeshurun community was established in 1946 by the Federation of Synagogues. The first services of the congregation were held on Shabbos 26th October 1946 and a shul on the present site in Fernhurst Gardens was consecrated in 1950. The building we see today was the result of Yeshurun’s expansion in the ensuing 25 years and was officially opened in 1975. Further expansion and modernisation has taken place since, including the complete refurbishment of the Leff Hall in 2006.

We are an Orthodox congregation, welcoming Jews of all Orthodox observance levels. We pride ourselves on the variety of religious services. On Shabbos we have a late hashkoma style service, the main service, YAM (our young adults minyan) plus children’s services to cater for all ages. We offer weekday services with two shacharis minyanim, two minchas and of course a maariv.

We provide daily shiurim and both social and educational programmes suitable for our entire kehilla, young and not so young.

We are situated inside both the Edgware and Stanmore and Canons Park eruvim and have the only Keilim Mikvah in Edgware.


Administrator: Leonard Specterman
Yeshurun Edgware
Yeshurun Synagogue
Fernhurst Gardens
Edgware HA8 7PH

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