About TAL (Torah Action Life)

TAL is London’s leading platform for Jewish students and young professionals. TAL empowers the growth for a new generation to experience, connect with, be inspired by value, and conserve Judaism. It brings the powerful voices of young people from across the globe together in the conservation of Jewish community.

About Rabbi Tawil

As Director and Founder of TAL, Rabbi Jonathan Tawil is a visionary leader with sincerity and dedication for empowering Jewish youth with the tools needed to enhance society.

He is a proven performer who excels in personal and professional interaction.

A charismatic and sought after speaker who lectures weekly in schools, university campuses and young professional circles the length and breadth of the UK encouraging a genuine and active engagement with Jewish life.

With an economics background, financial experience and a highly rated Rabbincial ordination, Rabbi Jonathan Tawil is able to connect with the youth bridging the generation gap and help create a brighter future.



Rabbi Jonathan Tawil

Rabbi of Torah Action Life

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