Kehillas Eitz Hachaim was launched in Elul 2020 to provide a “heimish” and warm place for Torah and Tefillah. The shul was started by a group of committed individuals looking to grow together and develop a kehilla in which growth in Yiddishkeit and Achdus are key priorities.

The shul aims to be a warm and welcoming environment for all, and specifically strives to fill a gap for the yeshiva-educated, working family. Whilst the shul was established by members of the kehilla, there is a clear vision and direction provided by the Rov, Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag.

The shul has both weekday and Shabbos minyonim, and also offers learning programmes such as “The Chaburah”, an exciting Ovos Ubonim programme, alongside various other Shiurim.

With a growing membership of young families drawn from the local community, the shul plans to offer programming for men, women, boys and girls once it secures more permanent premises, and will continue to establish itself as a warm, caring and growth-minded kehilla.


Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag

Director of Certification - KF Kosher & Fed Tech, Community Rabbi

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