What is the correct time to light the Menorah?

There are various minhogim as to the correct time to light: some light at Shkiyah, others at nacht and still others in between the two. Each person should follow their family minhag.

What is the latest time to light the Menorah? 

One who is not able to light on time should try to ensure that they light within a half hour after nacht. B’dieved, if this is not possible one may light until alos hashachar (dawn). However, if all members of your household have gone to sleep you should not recite a brocho unless you will light by the window and there are still people passing in the street in which case a brocho may be said.    

When eating out on Friday night, is it necessary to ensure that the candles are still burning by the time one returns home?


When eating out on Friday night, is it necessary for someone to stay with the Menorah until after Nacht?


I will be staying with my inlaws over Shabbos, on Motzei Shabbos do I light with them or when I get home?

If you will eat melaveh malka at the place you stayed for Shabbos, you should light there and ideally stay a minimum of half an hour after lighting.

I mistakenly lit the candles 15 minutes before Shkiyah, do I need to light again?

As you lit after plag haminchah (in London this year this is around 3:02pm) it is not necessary to light again as long as you put in enough oil to light for half an hour after nacht.

I have been invited to a family Chanukah party tonight, where and when should I light? 

As you will be sleeping at home, that is where you should light. If possible, you should light on time and then you may leave immediately as it is not necessary to stay by the candles for a prescribed amount of time. Obviously, one should not leave the candles burning in a manner that is unsafe. If you are not able to light at home and then leave and it is important for you to be there on time, you can light upon your return home with a brocho as long as people are still traveling in the streets. 

May I visit a cemetery on Chanukah?

Chanukah are yemei simcha and one should generally not visit a Beis Hakevaros on Chanukah even on a Yahrzeit but should rather do so beforehand. It is permitted to daven at Kivrei Tzadikim.

Question: I am due to travel from my home in London to Manchester after nightfall. Do I light in London or in Manchester? 

If you will be at the time of hadlakah, you should light there.

Are there any restrictions regarding melacha on Chanukah?

There is an established minhag for women to refrain from heavy melacha for a half hour after lighting the Menorah. According to some Poskim, cooking and light cleaning are not included in this minhag and one is not obligated to sustain a loss as a result of custom.

Am I allowed to have a haircut on Chanuka? 


I will be travelling tonight to stay elsewhere, where should I light?

As long as you will be at home at nacht (or whenever is your minhag to light), you should light there. If this is not the case, and you will arrive at your destination before the shops have closed in that location, then may light there with a brocho.

If the candles go out, is it necessary to relight them?

One is not required to but it is fitting to do so without a brocho. This is especially true if the Menorah went out on Erev Shabbos before Shabbos came in. If they went out before Shabbos came in but after you accepted Shabbos, you should ask someone who has not yet accepted Shabbos to light them again for you.

Question: What do you do if you forget al hanisim in shmonah esrei and in bentching?

 If you have not yet said Hashem’s name at the conclusion of the brocho go back and say al hanisim. If you have, then do not go back. In bentsching you should add in an extra “Ho’rachamon” by beginning: “הרחמן הוא יעשה לנו ניסים כמו שעשה לאבותינו בימים ההם” – and then conclude the rest.

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