This guide explains how to make use of various types of ovens on Shabbos. It provides helpful pre-purchase advice as well as important usage guidelines.

1. Which ovens carry a Kehillas/FedTech Hechsher?

Fisher Paykel (click here) and Smeg (click here) have emerged as market leaders and have been the first to achieve Sabbath compliance certification from Kehillas/FedTech for their oven’s Sabbath mode. Click on the links above to find out more about each company’s ovens.

FedTech recommends these ovens as the ideal way of using an oven on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

2. My oven is not listed as having a Kehillas/FedTech hechsher – can I use it on Shabbos?

In addition to the models which FedTech have now certified, FedTech provides guidance for the use of ovens which have been researched and tested but not certified. Due to the way these ovens operate, there is a need to limit their Shabbos usage.

Click here to read about models which have been approved and how to use them.

3. Can I use any oven labelled as having a ‘Sabbath mode’ or is a hechsher necessary?

Sabbath mode ovens have been available on the market for a number of years. FedTech have investigated many of those widely available.

Click here to learn about why some ovens feature a Sabbath mode and to understand the halachic challenges that remain when using these ovens. Our guidance also explains which ovens we have tested and how they can be used.

4. MY OVEN DOESN’T FEATURE A ‘SABBATH MODE’. How should it be used on Shabbos and Yom Tov?

Please click here to be taken to our guide on how to use an oven which does not feature a ‘Sabbath mode’ or one whose Sabbath mode has found to be non Shabbos compliant.


At FedTech, we have long argued that ovens do not need a Shabbos mode; they must instead be Shabbos compliant.

If you buy an oven which is on the cheaper end of the range you will typically be buying a device which is ‘mechanically’ controlled. These ovens pose little challenge for use on Shabbos and are naturally Shabbos compliant. You can contact FedTech here to check whether the oven you plan to use is Shabbos compliant.

Newer generation ovens are typically controlled ‘electronically’ and their use on Shabbos is more complicated. The electronic method of control, which is necessary to provide settings such as the pyrolytic cleaning cycle, inherently carries with it more halachic issues, and it is for these ovens where a ‘Shabbos-compliant Sabbath mode’ is very helpful.

If you are buying a model which carries Kehillas/FedTech certification, the oven is designed to behave in a manner which removes any concern or possible Shaila. FedTech recommends this as the purchase of choice when you are considering a more expensive oven for purchase.




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