Beis Din

Dayan Moshe Dovid ElzasDirector of Kashrus

Dayan Yehoshua PosenDirector of Beis Din Operations

Rabbi Alan LewisCommunity Rabbi, Beis Din Registrar


Dayan Moshe Dovid ElzasDirector of Kashrus

Rabbi Yisroel Moshe GuttentagRabbinic Coordinator – KF Kosher

Rabbi Josh BennettCommercial Development Manager

Simcha HirschProduct Certification Manager


Rabbi Lawrence LittlestoneHead of Burial Society

Noson KahlerSexton

Head Office Staff

Judy SilkoffChief Operating Officer

Jeya ThavaChief Accountant

Anna MilebergHuman Resources & Communities Manager

Avi CohenProperty & Projects Manager

Rebbetzin Aviva LandauProjects and Communications Coordinator

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