The Federation is a vibrant, thriving and ambitious communal organisation serving Orthodox Jews across the UK.

Combining the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and halacha with cutting-edge and innovative services, we give Orthodox Jews spiritual and practical guidance they can wholly trust and rely on.

As well as providing centralised support to a growing group of member and affiliated synagogues, we offer a broad range of accessible, high-quality and relevant services to support Orthodox Jews in all areas of their lives. Our Kashrus, Beis Din, Burial, ShailaText, MaaserText and FedTech services are internationally respected and relied upon.

At the heart of our approach is a belief that the Torah provides the answers for every scenario and challenging situation that people encounter in life. We promote and facilitate Torah observance and study in everything we do.

We are privileged to be led by Rabbi Zimmerman, previous Rov of Gateshead and internationally respected Posek. As the Rov of the Federation and Av Beis Din, Rabbi Zimmerman, sets the standards of our authority ensuring we remain a reliable and authoritative source of halachic advice and guidance.

The Federation, however, is not an organisation that stands still and, whilst our core beliefs are rooted in the timeless teaching of the Torah, our services are constantly evolving to enable our Orthodox Jewish communities to flourish in modern day Britain.


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