Federation’s novel solution to immersing new keilim – Article Jewish Tribune

As coronavirus brought routine services and public activities to a halt, pressing shailos began to flood the inbox of Shailatext, the Federation’s text service for halachic shailos. Countless questions were raised about tevillas keilim. With keilim mikvaos closed and many people making their first Pesach unexpectedly requiring new dishes and pots, there was widespread worry and uncertainty.

Mechiras Keylim

This service has been developed in response to the closure of Keylim Mikvaos due to the developing health crisis

Hamaor Pesach 5780

When doing my Pesach shopping, I chaed with a lady who had just added some ready peeled and grated potatoes to her trolley. She explained with a smile that she is not normally so particular and uses her regular, chometz magimix for grating potatoes for Pesach, but now that the convenience is there – well, why not? There is no excuse. This made me ponder – surely the same applies to each of us, on our own level. Keeping Halochoh has never been easier. Learning Torah has never been more accessible. We have no excuse not to fortify ourselves spiritually and practically as we prepare for Pesach. This edition of Hamaor brings you both inspiration and information so that you can approach Pesach ready in every sense. I hope you will also savour it as a yom tov companion. We miss Judy Silkoff’s leadership and writing, but are blessed to have welcomed Nina Le Blanc, our new Operations Director, to the Hamaor team. Thanks must go to her for the eagle-eyed editing, as well as to Batsheva Pels for her tireless hard work which has really enhanced the magazine. Hamaor would also not look the way it does without the design talents of Ruth Collins. Pesach is a time for coming together and many have pooled their energy and ideas to bring you this edition of Hamaor. Wishing you a Kosheren Pesach, Rebbetzin Aviva Landau

New Netzach Rov inducted- Article Jewish Tribune

Kehillas Netzach Yisroel, Edgware have celebrated the inauguration of Rabbi Reuven Stepsky. The Federation community were honoured by the presence of its Rov and Av Beis Din, Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman and Rosh Beis Din, Dayan YY Lichtenstein. Also present was Rabbi Stepsky’s Rov and mentor of the past 30 years, Rabbi Yaacov Abenson, Mashgiach Ruchani of Sunderland Yeshiva, and all the local Rabbonim.
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